Air Plant Garden Bowl, Large

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The Large Air Plant Garden Bowl is ready for display straight out of the box! Nestled within a stylish black-glazed terracotta pot, you'll find 3 medium-sized assorted Tillandsia air plants, each carefully chosen and expertly arranged. These plants not only provide a striking contrast and dimension but also offer bursts of color and texture, courtesy of preserved chartreuse reindeer moss.

Rest assured, the air plants in this display are securely anchored to the ceramic bowl using plant-safe glue, ensuring stability and longevity. While our usual recommendation involves a weekly soak, these plants are best kept within the bowl and should not be submerged in water. Simply mist with a spray bottle and gently shake off any excess moisture from the plants. Take care not to wet the base of the bowl. After watering, position the bowl garden in a well-lit area with proper air circulation for optimal growth and vibrancy.

As for the decorative reindeer moss, it adds a touch of natural allure without the need for watering.