Kahve Mini Planter Pot | Coffee Husk | 3" Pot and Dish

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Introducing Kahve, a distinctive mini planter that seamlessly blends eco-conscious design with the beauty of nature. Ideal for succulents, cacti, or newly taken cuttings, Kahve boasts dynamic curves and an organic texture that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic of any space it graces.

What sets Kahve apart is its commitment to sustainability. Made with recycled plastics, this mini planter undergoes a transformative process by incorporating husks of coffee beans. The result? A green composite material that not only contributes to environmental conservation but also adds a unique touch to each piece.

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Coffee Bean Husk By-Product

Crafted with materials in accordance with Global Fair Trade Standards

Planter Measurements: 3"x 3"x 2.3"