Napa Hanging Bowl Self-Watering Planter 10"

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In stock

Introducing a departure from conventional hanging baskets, the Napa Round Hanging Bowl Planter offers a refreshingly unique approach to suspended pots.

Crafted from upcycled materials with a natural marbled texture, the Napa Round Hanging Bowl Planter will effortlessly complement your decor. Considering both aesthetics and practicality, each bowl planter comes equipped with an internal self-watering mechanism, ensuring your plants remain adequately hydrated with minimal watering efforts. 

Engineered for indoor and outdoor use with its coated tri-rope, these planters also feature a drainage plug to safeguard against root rot. Constructed from a resilient blend of plastic and stone, the Napa Hanging planter collection is not only lightweight and BPA-free but also exhibits exceptional weather resistance, promising longevity and enduring beauty for your precious plants.

Size: 10" Diameter