Cork Bark Display with 4 Tillandsia Plants, Medium

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This stunning display includes four unique specialty air plants for mounting on the natural cork bark, creating a captivating wall or table ornament.

Drawing inspiration from their native habitats in tropical regions where air plants thrive by attaching themselves to tree branches, trunks, and aerial roots, this arrangement brings a touch of nature indoors.

With their low-maintenance ease of care, these air plants flourish with bright, indirect sunlight, and effortlessly blend into any environment with their understated neutral tones.

For a customizable touch, consider mounting multiple arrangements in rows or columns to fashion a vibrant living wall, adding a dynamic focal point to your space.

Each order includes waterproof glue for secure attachment of your air plants to the cork bark, ensuring easy installation and long-lasting enjoyment. Please note that the air plants will be shipped unattached to the bark to maintain secure shipping of the plants.

Size: Cork Bark 7"x 9"